Using Your - Hand Weights

Back & Biceps Workout. Exercise. Illustration Primarily exercises: m.latissimus dorsi, m.teres major. the dumbbell reaches your abdomen. Lower.


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i This booklet was designed as a guide to help you begin a safe
and effective weight training program. The booklet includes

you can perform with your hand weights. We recommend that

your hand weights. We hope that you enjoy the results you can
attain with regular use of your hand weights.If you have any questions regarding this exercise booklet, please
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Resistance training can increase muscular strength and
endurance. Resistance training has also been shown to increase
bone density, delay the loss of bone mass, help prevent chronic low-back pain, increase metabolism, and improve joint stability.

The illustrated exercises are ordered by muscle group.

muscle groups (arms).

When you can consistently do 15 repetitions in each set for three consecutive workouts, the next time you train increase
your weight by the smallest amount available for that

Record your exercises and your progress using the hand
weights tracking sheet in the back of this booklet.
Resistance Training
Using Your Hand WeightsUsing Your Hand Weights

3-4 days a week is ideal, however one or two is acceptable
(depending on your goals).

Rest your muscles for 48 hours between workouts to allow
your muscles to recover.

Perform each exercise with proper form (see "Form" below)
until momentary muscle fatigue is reached - the point at which
you cannot perform another repetition without losing form.