Life Pre-intermediate Unit 1b

Complete the sentences with the present continuous form of these verbs. Write present simple or present continuous questions for these answers.


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Pre-intermediate Unit 1b
Present simple and present continuous
Present simplePresent continuous
Use the present simple to talk about ...
sfacts and things that are always true:
The moon orbits the Earth once a day. (= this is
always true)
sthings that are generally true:
I often have problems with my computer. (= this is
generally true)
sgeneral tendencies and repeated situations:
It gets cold at this time of year. (= every year)
spermanent situations:
Where does he live? He lives with his mum.
(= there's no plan to change!this situation)
Use the present continuous to talk about ...
sactions happening now:
I'm currently orbiting the Earth. (= this is
happening now)
ssomething that is happening now or around now:
I'm having lots of problems with my computer.
(= at the moment)
schanging situations:
It's getting colder. (= at the moment)
stemporary or new situations:
Where is he living now? He's staying with friends
(= for the moment, but this situation will change)
Stative verbs
You usually use the present simple with verbs such
as be, like, believe, look, understand and know. These
verbs describe states. You rarely use them in the present
continuous form:
I understand what you mean.
I'm understanding what you mean.
Time expressions and adverbs
You often use these adverbs and expressions with the
present simple tense: always, sometimes, every day,
all the time.
You often use these time expressions with the present
continuous: at the moment, currently, now, today.!