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2010 National Geographic Learning a part of Cengage Learning Exercise that are good for Grammar: Simple present vs. present continuous tense.


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Vocabulary adjectives about festivals
Put the letters in the correct order and write the adjectives.
1 rcuolulof
2 gaielnrx
3 etginxci
4 oisyn
5 wcedrod
Vocabulary face and appearance
Complete the sentences.
1 The part of the face below the mouth is called the
2 The opposite of curly hair is
3 You can describe a woman as beautiful and a man as .
4 The opposite of beautiful is
5 Your
are between your nose and your ears.
hair is between blonde and dark hair.
3 Vocabulary clothes, parts of the body
Complete the crossword.1

This is on the front of your body, opposite your back.
2 You wear gloves on these to keep them warm.
3 This is the joint between your foot and your leg.
4 A man puts on a shirt and then this goes round his neck.
5 You wear these on your feet to keep them warm.
6 This and a skirt is something only women normally wear.
7 This is the joint at the top of the arm, near the neck.
8 You wear this when your trousers are too big.
Unit 8
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Unit 8

4 Grammar have got / has got
Complete the text with the correct form of have got or to be in the correct place.
Guilia a dancer at a festival. She tall and she long dark hair and blue eyes. She special colourful clothes for the
festival. She make-up on her face because she's wearing a mask. It white. Her brothers at the festival, too. They tall
too, but they long hair. They short, curly hair. They're playing trumpets.
5 Grammar present continuous
Complete the sentences with the present continuous form of these verbs.