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LifeFuture forms Unit 4b
Use different forms to talk about the future.
Present continuous
Use the present continuous to talk about a fixed
arrangement to do something at a specified time in the
future. It often involves other people.

We're having the party at the café in the park.
We also use present continuous to ask about plans.
are you having the party?
going to
going to for a plan or intention decided before the
moment of speaking.
going to have
some music and dancing.
(=We decided this a few days ago.)
You can say
going to go
but we normally say
I'm going to go to New York. = I'm
going to New York.
Present continuous or
going to?
You can use either form to talk about plans and
arrangements in the future, but the present continuous
usually specifies the time:
We're having a party on Sunday.
We're going to have a party.When you use the present continuous to refer to the
future, use a future time expression. Otherwise the
present continuous refers to the present.
We're having a party.