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Lie with your back on the bench and feet on the floor. Hold the bar over your chest with straight arms, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width.


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Chest & Triceps Workout
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Bench press4 set x 10-12 rep
Lie with your back on the bench and feet onthe floor. Hold the bar over your chest withstraight arms, hands slightly wider thanshoulder-width. Slowly lower the bar to yourchest and push back up at a greater speed.
Target muscles: m.pectoralis major,m.triceps brachii. Assisting muscles:m.deltoideus, m.serratus anterior.
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Inclined bench
press4 set x 10-12 rep
Lie on your back with your feet on the floorand hold the bar above your chest withstraight arms. Slowly lower the bar to yourchest and push back to the start position atgreater speed. Avoid swaying your lowerback.
Target muscles: m.pectoralis major,m.pectoralis minor, m.deltoideus. Assistingmuscles: m.triceps brachii and othermuscles.
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Chest Press4 set x 10-12 rep
Sit with your shoulders lowered and a firmgrip on the handles. Keep your elbows at thesame height as the handles. Press forwardtill your arms are stretched and move themback again slowly.
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Chest flies3 set x 10-12 rep
Adjust the seat height so that your elbowsare lower than your shoulders when yougrab the lowest handles. Your elbows shouldbe slightly bent before you press your armstoward each other, without moving yourelbow joints. Gently return to the startposition and repeat the exercise withoutallowing the weights to hit each other.
5 -
Standing cable
cross3 set x 10-12 rep
Stand leaning slightly forward, push yourchest forward, holding your arms in front ofyou at hip level. Let your arms go sidewardand a slightly backward, elbows bent 60degrees. When you feel your chest musclesstretching, push back forward anddownward.
6 -
Dips3 set x 8-10 rep
Let your upper body hang on straight arms.Keep your shoulders at normal level inrelation to your body. Bend your knees andslowly lower your upper body until yourupper arms are horizontal. Push backupward.
Target muscles: m.triceps brachii,m.deltoideus, m.pectoralis major. Assistingmuscles: m.pectoralis minor, m.serratusanterior and other muscles.
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Chest & Triceps Workout
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7 -
Triceps Press
with Cable3 set x 10-12 rep
Fasten a cable in the top wheel of theinstrument. Have a grip on the cable, standwith your feet hip-width apart, and bend yourelbows. Keep your upper arms steady andclose to your body and pull down the cabletill your arms are stretched. Move the cableback up again slowly and stop when yourelbows are bent a little more than 90degrees. Keep your wrists stretched duringthe entire exercise and stabilise your back bytightening abdomen.
If you are doing the exercise for the first timeor if you are a little unsteady, then stand with
8 -
Tricep press w/
bar3 set x 10-12 rep
Grab the bar with a shoulder wide upperhand grip, take a step backwards from thepulley and flex your upper body slightlyforward. Lock your upper arms against yourbody and push the bar down as far aspossible.
9 -
Tricep kickbacks3 set x 10-12 rep
Stand supported on one arm and one leg.Place the active arm beside your upperbody, elbow bent 90 degrees and dumbbellhanging straight down. Now straighten yourarm fully at your elbow. Slowly return to thestart position and repeat.
Target muscles: m.triceps brachii. Assistingmuscle: m.deltoideus.
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