A Selection of Books on Exercise in Doncaster Libraries

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Yoga brings not only a suppleness to the body
but also a sense of well
-being to those who practise it. Featuring over 350 postures from
the main schools of yoga,
'The Modern Yoga
Bible' is the ultimate step-by-step guide to
active flowing sequences, slower, more restorative floor-based postures (yin-yoga)
and meditation

15 minute fitness: 100 quick and easy
exercises, strengthen and tone, improve core
fitness, fat burning aerobic workouts
Dorling Kindersley: 2017 ISBN:
Shelfmark: 613.71

This title packs calorie burning exercises into
quick workouts to do at home, allowing you
to boost your fitness levels without the
expensive gym membership. With a high-
intensity mix of stretching and calorie burning
workouts, this book will help you squat,
sprint, kick, and even arabesque your
way to
a fitter body.